New Book: “Freedom Stories Volume One”

There is one book that will break your heart open with all the love and joy that is found in the world… Absolutely guaranteed.

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“Freedom Stories Volume One” $14.99

by Rivera Sun Cook

Thousands of people have risen in awe-struck standing ovations on hearing Rivera Sun Cook’s trilogy of one-woman plays “The Freedom Stories of Lala“. Now Rivera is offering the beauty and wisdom of these plays in print. She has chosen the most memorable parts of the plays and has included her new personal commentary that expands the heartfelt meaning of the Lala experience. This book can take you places you never dreamed possible.

People who have seen advance copies of  “Freedom Stories: Volume One” report being deeply moved from their reading, more than words can describe. One man starts each day by choosing a page at random and reflecting on the guidance it gives him. A minister in Southern California has used the book as a basis for sermons and just ordered ten copies for her spiritual center.

Please do yourself a favor a get a copy of the first edition today. Do your friends a favor and buy a copy for them too! If you order in the next five days you get free shipping!

Freedom Stories: Volume One $14.99

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Comments from people who have heard these words before you . . .

“Captivating. Entertaining and deeply moving.”

“ . . . washed with deep wisdom. I feel touched at the places that want to be touched.”

“So full of life and joy!”

“There is the wisdom of old souls and the hormonal foolishness of boys . . . there is small town pettiness and the overwhelming vastness of a star-filled prairie sky.”

“ . . . divine writing and spirit!”

A Preview from Dariel: “Say Yes”

I just opened the book at random and the first paragraph I saw (commentary page 41). It said:

Yes’. Sigh. ‘Yes’ is such a little word to describe the lovemaking of the universe.
Yes, say the mountain ranges as they plummet down into the valleys.
Yes, says the rain as it evaporates up into the clouds.
Yes, the sun shouts to the morning sky, and yes the sun sighs settling into the night.
Yes, cries the asparagus shoot erupting from the snow.
Yes, the star screams as it plunges through the atmosphere.
Yes, yes, yes! laugh the trees, the soil, and the worms as they tickle each other nonstop.
Say yes to breath as it knocks on lung’s door.
Say yes to the light as it taps your eye’s window.
Say yes to this book as it asks for your hand.
Say yes to the love of the world.

I didn’t have to read the rest of the page to have a great day.
Please get your copy today.

Thank you,

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