Monthly Archives: December 2011

Happy Holidays and An Exciting New Year!

Christmas finds our company adventuring into new territory.  While company manager Dariel Garner lines up East Coast work for spring, and Alana Duvernay begins her next quarter of UCSC classes still floating from her debut in “Imagine-a-nation”, Rivera has hunkered down on the next set of writing projects.  Dariel and Rivera moved to Taos, NM, welcoming quiet and solitude and a change of pace to bring about the next phase of Rising Sun Dance & Theater’s work.  Preparing for the real touring work involves strategizing health and well-being on the road, marketing strategies for new areas of exposure, and, of course, mental and spiritual centering.  It is an exciting time for the company, as contacts are made throughout the U.S. and Lala’s messages begin to reach farther afield.  Finally settled after unpacking from the big move, Rivera and Dariel just set up this sage-brush Christmas tree on Dec 27th. . . They weren’t going to let mere dates get in their way of holiday fun! Image Wishing you all a joyous holiday season!