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Lala Transforms First Congregational Church of San Jose

Rivera FCC San Jose

Rivera About To Transform The First Congregational Church of San Jose Into A Theater

Setting up lights, sound, and black curtains with the presence and contentment of Zen monks raking stones, Rising Sun Dance & Theater hit the road.  Our first stop on our Fall Tour filled The First Congregational Church of San Jose with beauty as Long Shoe blew in on his dust storm right into their sanctuary.   Lala’s ten year old “Imagine-a-nation” tickled the young children and elders alike.

For me, as a performer and playwright, the night was truly magical.  Lala’s vision and message have embarked on a journey away from our home town, and our first listeners opened their hearts wide for her.

Rivera w/curtains FCC San Jose

Setting Up Curtains at The First Congregational Church of San Jose

Attentive, appreciative, and very receptive, this congregation and community members tucked the story into themselves to mull and contemplate for two weeks before we return with “The Education of Lala Girl.”

I look forward to the unfolding depth of relationship between our company and our new friends in San Jose as each play delves deeper and deeper into our shared human experiences.

Many thanks to Reverend Jack Michael, who was instrumental in bringing us over the hill.  His support and stewardship of this endeavor made it all possible.