Monthly Archives: February 2011

Magnolia blossoms, momentum grows.

This is a day of anticipation, the feeling of sun breaking through a cloud, an amazing force taking hold, and rolling us towards an epic journey.  Dariel and I are reaching, reaching, reaching out, far and wide across this Santa Cruz community, and touching each person one at a time with Lala’s spirit of love, sharing, adventure, and hope.

Today is my office day, when I return phone calls (maybe yours!) and emails, schedule recording sessions and coordinate technicians for our Benefit Performances and Sneak Previews (keep yours eyes out!).  We are honored to be in the position to give, give, give to schools, spiritual centers, private gatherings, and help send Lala’s voice into as many ears as possible.

Breakfast is cooking on the stove, a reminder to balance this monumental undertaking with the everyday practice of living.  The magnolia tree outside the dining room window bursts lime green and deep pink.  Breathe deep, dear ones, and savor the moments as they pass.


Rehearsing “A Star Called Love”

Rain tucks us in, burrows us inside the world of rehearsals.  Hard at work rehearsing the trilogy of Lala shows, I (Rivera) pace, line by line, these characters into existence.  Lijah’s shoulders spread wide, Lala’s hips swing forward and sideward, Mamalou rolls her exasperated eyes as she bends slowly to pick up a pin.  Every character is a person, complex as we each are, changing and evolving as well.  Today my solo performer brain reels with their nuances, overwhelmed by their tangible emerging presences.

Welcome to Rising Sun Dance and Theater

Rising Sun Dance & Theater creates and tours enjoyable, heartwarming, deeply profound performances, and workshops in communities across the nation.

Welcome aboard, Audience Members, Presenters, Teachers, Community Partners, Actors, Dancers, and Designers! Thank you for joining us on a journey that changes people’s lives! Learn more about our educational, inspirational, theatrical projects. . .