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The blessing of priviledge. . .and how to use it on behalf of all beings.

photo by Dawn Hayes


Everyday privileges. . .

In the fury over our impinged upon ‘rights’, I pause in a moment’s reflection on my incredible privileges.  To be privileged is an honor, a wonderful opportunity in the world of disempowerment and discrimination, inequity, and injustice.  As I meet these heart-breakers square in the face as a conscious citizen, the breadth and weight of my privileges becomes apparent. Some simple privileges I enjoy:

  • Free library access.  Books at home.  Internet.
  • Organic, pesticide free food.
  • A full-scholarship private college education.
  • Parents who loved me and never beat me.
  • Self-expression.
  • Unlimited long-distance telephone service.
  • A green mossy fern and stone garden outside my window.
  • Pu-erh tea.

The word “PRIVILEGE” evokes in me (and many of us) a hazy concept of white, wealthy elite, with multiple houses, political connections, tennis courts and Ivy League schools.  And yet, our every day privileges abound, and naming them, counting them, and acknowledging them with gratitude helps me see the phenomenal capacity at my fingertips for using these gift in service of all of humanity.  Some ways I use my privilege to help all beings:

  • Staying healthy, awake and alert.
  • Becoming informed of current events and issues.
  • Voting with the dollars that I earn
  • Giving a ten percent tithe to charity of all income.
  • Listening to friends deeply and creatively offering solutions.
  • Volunteering my extra time.
  • Smiling at each and every human being to convey how welcome they are in our community.

Health, financial stability, peace of mind, quality food, education, and self-expression are all privileges not to be taken for granted.  They are not guaranteed as part of every human’s life experience (unfortunately) and those of us who enjoy these privileges have a lot to offer to all of our community.  Today I give thanks for the small everyday actions that I can do to help our world.

Rivera Sun