A Rising Sun Year In Review


Over a cup of early morning tea, watching the sunlight stretch across the rain moistened garden, Dariel & I took a mind-bending moment to reflect on this day, one year ago.

One year ago:

I was writing the third Lala play.

Rising Sun Dance & Theater did not exist.

The director and designers for the “Star Called Love” series were unknown to us.

The Pacific Cultural Center was a yoga studio to us, not a magic theater.

We had not met Alana Duvernay, our next Lala.

Composers David Rhodes and Tammi Brown were hiding in the Santa Cruz woodworks.

LED lights and the traveling set were just technical rumors to me.

We hadn’t a clue we’d be touring these productions.

I would have laughed at the notion of publishing a book of poetry.

Three major theatres in Maine had no idea their home girl was an actress.

I had no idea I was an actress. Most of Santa Cruz thought of me as a dancer.

A small band of friends had heard the first and second play in my living room, and knew their redheaded potluck host’s life was about to change.

Two thousand people had no idea, Lala was about to change their lives.

In a year, with the help of hundred, a theatrical experience that is moving every new friend to tears, laughter, and standing ovations has been born. I cannot count the faces who have made this all possible. In my deepest self, I know it has taken all of existence.

One year, dear ones. Look at all the magic and giving that has transpired! And it has only just begun. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope this reflection helps us all realize that the impossible is just a blink of an eye away. The things we never dreamed today, tomorrow become reality!

Come, celebrate this remarkable journey with us on Dec 2nd , 8pm at Pacific Cultural Center, as a new leg of the journey begins. Alana Duvernay will debut in “The Imagine-a-nation of Lala Child”. Our new book of “Star Called Love” Poems called “Freedom Stories: volume one” will be released, and I will be signing it. Food, drink and festivities for all. For six months the tech crew and designers have been bugging me to have a cast party. What cast? I asked them, laughing. But now that Alana and I are a two person cast, the crew- and you!- can have their party. Come celebrate with us!

Much love, and many happy cups of tea, Rivera


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