Unitarian/Universalists Enthuse Over Lala & Lala Thoroughly Enjoys Them!

The past two weekends Lala traipsed around the natural setting of the UU Sanctuary out on Freedom Blvd in Aptos. Dariel and I enjoyed tea and home cooked meals in the outdoor gardens, watching fall drop the acorns off the oaks, and marveling at the blue sky and warm sunshine. A rooster from the nearby horse stables merrily announced his presence from time to time, and as twilight fell, we would sip the last of our tea, and move indoors to focus lights, set sound levels, and prepare for the evenings shows.

With a similar simplicity and appreciation of life the members of the UU Fellowship gathered to let Lala open their hearts and minds. Warm and responsive, their laughter caressed me as I flowed through Long Shoe, Ms. Crenshaw, Lijah James, and that rascal Riley. Ms. Crenshaw’s passing scene seemed particularly moving, and many folks thanked us for presenting death in such a profound and beautiful way.

The richness of the road astonishes us, and we meet other people and ways of thinking and approaching life. Even right here at home, we have now gained a new group of friends. After attending service, and watching the members move about the church, clean dishes, empty compost, offer solace and support to each other, and encourage joyful companionship as they move in the world from prayer group to protest and artistic pursuit. They are a beautiful and welcoming Fellowship, a spiritual center that has embodied so many of Lala’s messages. My heart is warmed to see them in the world. . .and to know how long they have been around!

The Universalists began around 300 A.D. and were a persecuted minority of Christianity. The Unitarians have a long and strong history in the United States, many of our founding fathers were Unitarians. The two Fellowships combined much later, but each brings a belief in acceptance, non-dogmatism, and activism in the social and political spectrum. After meeting this group, I feel honored to have been able to present our work to them!

There is much anticipation on all sides for the November 18th and 19th showings of “The Emancipation of Lala”! Please don’t be shy, and join us! Much love, and many blessings to you all on your journeys. May we meet in peace again! Rivera


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