Imagine-A-Nation. . .excerpts of a visioning session for our country

In a two hour workshop, hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz County participants used their imaginations to imagine – a – nation like ten year old Lala in our first play.  In the play, Lala claims that “this Lovely-town, the garden, the railroad, or even the flying machine. . .somebody had to have imagined them first, or not a one of them coulda come to be!”  So, by golly, we sat down to do it. . .imagine a nation that we want to live in.  And I don’t think any of us expected the outpouring of beauty and creativity that emerged.

But most beautifully to me, in addition to imagining, the participants also shared a stunning array of people and places who are already living the reality of these imaginings, or who are working to make them possible, or ways that we ourselves can manifest our wildest visions.  If you have resources you would like us to share, let us know, and in our next post we’ll mention it!

Ranging from political to spiritual, practical to poetic, idealistic to visionary, here is the mind-blowing range of responses:

Imagine a nation….

where we treasure our elders, children, and in fact all people

where human knowledge is viewed as a collective treasure to be shared by all

where all the prizes of civilization are available to all; health care, art, education. . .and all are welcomed to contribute the treasure troves of the civilization

where the ‘culture of stupidity’ is transformed into the ‘culture of compassion and wisdom’

where education is life long, available, diverse, and not forced

where people share multiple stories that ground them in the eons of life’s evolution, reminding us of the lessons learned from being trees or fish and of our connection to other beings that still exists within us

where people can discern wisdom and apply their attention accordingly

where people treasure diversity and agreement equally

Imagine a nation. . .

where troubles are quickly identified and addressed

where in troubled times even our children know how to lend support to the resolution of the issues

where conflict or violence is resolved by sending folks to a ‘love chamber’ to get ‘tuned up’

where every citizen has excellent communication skills and speaks compassionately about other people.

where people practice non-judgmental acceptance and wise evaluation

Imagine a nation. . .

that has a national food grid that rebuilds ecosystems

where everyone knows where their food and water comes from and honors those places

where landscapes are subfused with conscious marriage to the land

where there are vast stretches of un-scarred land

where it is understood that the earth is our commons

where the Earth has rights and the consciousness of the planet is acknowledged and nurtured collectively

where we heal all toxic waste on the planet

where ownership is viewed as stewardship that comes with more responsibility than privilege

where ownership concepts might shrink to toothbrushes and underwear

Imagine a nation. . .

where every person has space to enjoy privacy and nature

where architecture reflects community and collaboration

where small homes are prized

where our shelters are created organically and require minimal destruction

where animals are not killed for food by people and we honor the natural killing or giving of life deeply

where villages celebrate their local flavors and provinciality

where travel is rare, precious, and still possible


Imagine a nation. . .

of intentional communities

and localized community banks, credit unions, coops

that has fair distribution of resources

in which industry values compassion over profits

where corporations exist for the benefit of the people they serve and are reviewed annually for continued existence  (much like we have to register and smog check our cars)

where Gross National Happiness is our most important index (like in the country of Bhutan)


Imagine a nation. . .

where people are safe from physical violence and threat of violence

where a great healing takes place

where it is understood that healing is a gift, not a commodity

where healthcare is free for all

where everyone is healthy and no longer getting sick

Imagine a nation. . .

of whole people with respect for themselves and each other

that wants to feel good

where we trust the goodness of each other

where the pursuit of happiness and enlightenment is a way of life

where we remember our soul’s journey


Imagine a nation. . .

where our media prides itself on presenting multiple viewpoints rather than one biased or even attempted unbiased viewpoint

where government is run by the people for the people

where people look forward to participating in politics

where ‘heretics’ are welcomed and differences of opinion abound and enliven our lives

where all systems are transparent, with no secrets, all information is shared

where the innate gentleness of Obama is appreciated

where women make political appointments and serve on governing councils


Imagine a nation. . .

where all people are awake, present, understanding of responsibility, relaxed, flexible with no stress or tension

that is employed in serving the basic needs of all humanity

where art and creativity are valued and natural

where artists are employed presenting human possibility

where Madison Avenue sells compassion and insight

where all people are engaged in meaningful work, contributing to society through the job they want to do

where everyone has recreation, rest, creativity, joy, play and PARTY!


Imagine a nation. . .

where people freely give their money to support the well being of community as a whole

where we have a gift economy and no money

where people give freely without attachment or expectation of return

where people form small trading collectives with each other


Imagine a nation. . .

that encourages human exploration of the cosmos

that explores worlds of alternative realities

where teenagers might live with 2nd families, or all of us are a family, one human family with no separation

where we see ourselves in multiple timelines of history and future

that considers a fully telepathically connected community

that might communicate with extraterrestrial families and a greater galactic community

that discovers how to live off light or no longer has to eat food or breathe air

that legalizes drugs or even asks ‘what is a drug’? or thanks the plant spirits that brought so many ‘drugs’ to us

that honors the nomadic, the transient, and the ‘vagabonds’ of consciousness

Imagine a nation. . .

with non-polluting transportation

a commitment to no excess CO2’s

solar panels on every home

vehicles covered with solar energy generation paint

all homes and buildings are energy neutral

all energy production is self-perpetuating and non-polluting


Imagine a nation. . .

that needs no prisons

that wages no war

that has no military power

that’s holidays are all peace days

that has no hunger

in which no one claims wealth until all are fed, clothed, and sheltered

that cares more that all have a place to sleep than about who is sleeping with whom

that meets all the needs of people and has clean air, water, and respect and dignity for animals

and where all the children are happy!

This is our imagine a nation, that has now been planted like a seed in your imagination.  Help us garden it and “with a little wind, water, sun, and time. . .maybe it’ll grow to be!”  Next post:  fertilizer, soil conditions, new gardening techniques, and the phenomenal team of people nurturing the growth of this imagine-a-nation!

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