Summer studying, deepening, researching. . .and sun-bathing!

Summer settling in, heat finally toasting us, this week has been one of gratitude, rest, and intense creative flurries.  Stories are bursting at the door to be written.  The best I can do is scribble down an outline, and hope for some quiet retreat someday.  Events in the news triggered a series of short story sketches, a response to ‘the end of the world’ mentality that seems to loom ever-present.  Keep your eyes out for these succinct dispatches.

Many have heard rumors of  the ‘other’ Lala plays.  They’re knocking at the creative door.  I’ve invited them in for tea.  We’re steeping now.  Slowly, I’m examining their structures, themes, inter-connections, like holding a cup of tea up to sunlight and watching the colors dance.

The Central Branch Librarians greeted me cheerfully yesterday, as I dug deeper into the stacks, researching African-American history.  Some amazing finds included “The History of English:  Black on White” a DVD detailing the evolution of the Southern Black vernacular, and “Unchained Memories: readings from the slave narratives” also in dialect and vernacular.  These are gems for me as a performer.  This summer I’ll be using the time and leisure to deepen each and every single character I portray, preparing for the touring work that is coming in, thanks to your connections and offers.  As an actress, (and a writer) my work is never done.  There are no laurels to rest on, just vistas along the journey, where you pause and take stock (and take in the view) of where you are.

Dariel, our company manager, is working diligently behind the scenes to prepare the next phase of Lala’s incarnations.   His research looks into other cities, other actresses, sound equipment, audio recordings, book versions, DVD’s. . .all the things you wonderful folks have been clamoring for.

We are also considering offering more classes, as the few we ran concurrent to the show enjoyed so much.  Stay tuned for more on Wordless Storytelling, Playwriting, Solo Performance, Changing Your Stories and more.

We wish you all the best in your summer adventures, with much thanks for this spring’s incredible ride.  As always, we welcome your thoughts and letters.  We enjoy them and learn a lot from them.

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