She’s here!!! Lala arrives at Pacific Cultural Center!

Two years, a thousand people, the blessings of many angels, and an ocean of tea later, Lala arrives on the shore of her official opening night!  Friday, May 6th, at 8pm, this incredible spirit launches her story into the wonderful, open arms of our Santa Cruz Community.  Be there to catch her and her “Imagine-a-nation”, along with the production team, the Santa Cruz Community Choir, and the sweet and fabulous staff of the Pacific Cultural Center.

The buzz is spreading.  Three radio stations, two feature articles, a video documentor, hundreds of ‘words of mouth’ reviews and comments, emails, facebook, U-tube. . .people are calling this ‘a movement’.  I pray that it does, indeed become one.  We need Lala’s messages, her beauty, hope, inspiration and sheer spark of life in all our lives.  As the headlines read gloom and doom, and fear begins to corrode the edges of our lives, Lala brings the antidote.   She shines her ‘Star Called Love’ into our hearts and ignites a ‘passion fire’ in each of us that can transform our world.

I am honored to be the vessel that brings the story to your hearts.  I am so deeply moved by the unending support of this talented, brilliant Santa Cruz Community, and for each person who has received Lala’s stories with their open ears and hearts so far.  Come be part of the next chapter, the official, full-run of the trilogy. Tell all your friends, invite them to be a part of it too!

We are in for a great adventure! All of us, together, now! Rivera Sun

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