Students Eyes Open with Wonder

Pacific Collegiate School’s Tuesday night preview of “The Education of Lala Girl” brought the students and parents to their feet.  These serious, attentive, wonderfully alive students listened with an intensity unmatched by any students I have ever worked with, and their Q & A questions reflected this.

Asking technical acting and performance questions, we opened a serious discussion on the natural of the self, the being, and the ever-shifting and changing nature of reality.   This knowledge allows the performer to ‘switch’ characters instantly.

“And then Rivera ‘popped’ a physical impression of six students who were sitting next to each other. . .you should have seen their eyes!  Rivera became each of them in about six seconds flat.” -Dariel Garner, Company Manager

The students left inspired, blown away, and filled with possibility.  I left feeling the exact same way.  With students like these in the world, there is always hope!  Teacher Cindy Gorski deserves the ‘teacher of the year’ award for the rest of her life.  She is an amazing beacon in the educational system, lighting the way of exploratory learning, and igniting a passion for life in her students. I  am so grateful to her for bringing me into the classroom last January to share this work while it was still in progress, and then making it so easy to return with the full production!

These previews have been blessings.  Don’t miss our last one at the Broadway Playhouse, a benefit for WEST Performing Arts.  Sunday, May 1st, 2pm.

Much gratitude, Rivera

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